Garden Smokehouse Wooden Chimney Big Eco 60x60x120 Home Wedges + hearth + spices

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Wooden Garden Smokehouse Large Eco 60x60x120 Domestic Wedges + hearth + spices


straight from the manufacturer


Smokehouse Eko NAJWIĘKSZA Domestic Cured Meats Dimensions Width:60 depth:60 height:120 Garden

We offer you a wide selection of smokehouses, more than 20 models to choose from.


I invite you to a short story..........
I mean, I started the story with smoking a few years back, from a metal barrel. Then I had a smokehouse with an allegro square with a stove, but every time I missed something.

That's why I created my product, which is both practical and made for smoking but also gives a beautiful view in the garden. Which enchants the guests visiting me. I got rid of the metal parts of the base and the rust-scaring pipes after one smoking. In return, I propose to dig the smoke pipe into the ground.

The advantage of this solution is easier to maintain the temperature and improve the aesthetics in the garden.

Therefore, I recommend a smokehouse with a hearth in the ground


If you are hesitant, please contact us, we will give you all the advice you need.

The set includes:
smokehouse consisting of two elements of the chamber and the roof

12 hooks

4 crossbars

the thermometer shown in the pictures. Placed at the height of the charge, and not for the look where it falls, it finally plays an important role

smoke pipe and knee to be buried in the ground

chimney - with adjustable draught.

The set also includes a fireplace, it is a ready-made set for preparing home-made cold cuts.


Smokehouse dimensions:
height 120 cm

width 60 cm

depth of 60 cm


Smokehouse entirely made of 2 cm and 1.6 tongue and groove pine board (if the thickness of the board is not specified in the auction, it certainly means water-saving cheaper material).


The centre of the smokehouse is made of 3x3 cm sanded squared timber to be cut everywhere to an exact size, which makes it stable and easy to maintain the right temperature.


The possibility of smoking at two heights



Gratisy to the smokehouse:



ham smokehouse net

a set of carefully selected spices plus curing salt for preparing 10 kg of ham and bacon. Only with us ready-made mix of herbs

Just add the mixture and water and we've got the curing primer ready.


the set also includes a hearth, it is a ready-made set for making home made cold cuts


And now the important information how we know this is that we smoke and we are not just a PRODUCER, hence our knowledge



About NAS | A manufacturer of wooden smokehouses
Unlike our competitors, we deal with smoking, which is why we have the appropriate experience and knowledge of smoking and, consequently, the production of a smokehouse. We will give you the information you need, you can get the knowledge by phone before buying the smokehouse. We are waiting for your calls to 21 whole week.


Our company not only produces smokehouses but also sells its own products of pork bacon hams, hence our knowledge of smokehouse production.


And now important information, how we know it, namely we smoke and we are not just a PRODUCER, hence our knowledge


1. can the smokehouse be painted?
- Unlike the competition, we offer painted smokehouses, which extends the life of the smokehouse, but unfortunately increases the cost of the product, hence the competition does not offer impregnated smokehouses. Smokehouses are painted only from the outside, which does not interfere with smoking. Painting at the competition is additionally paid for.


Can the smokehouse be made of pine wood?
-Maybe, and it's not worse, if the competitors knew about smoking, they would know that you can't smoke with a conifer, We smoke with a deciduous tree preferably alder


3. What's a deflector?
- It is not true that it is used to distribute the smoke evenly, there is so much smoke in the smokehouse that there is no need to distribute it, it only serves the inexperienced beginner before dripping the fat from the sausages in the knee where the smoke escapes. It is enough to write the word DEFLEKTOR into the googl to find out that this device has nothing to do with the smokehouse.


Why do I get the pipe in two pieces of 50 cm each?
- It is not used at all for cold and hot smoking as described by the competition, it is cut in half to reduce the size of the consignment, cold and hot smoking is regulated by the amount of the charge.


5. the metal elements are painted with heat-resistant paint?
- Yes, and I'm surprised that the competition paints pipes and not smokers with an impregnant, the impregnant on the smokehouse will unfortunately survive the heat-resistant paint on the pipes, and even less so on the hearth, unfortunately not. Depending on our knowledge it will withstand 1 to 5 smokes. Heat-resistant paint is characterized by the fact that it does not burn, however, it does not mean that it will withstand the temperature of the fire, so let us expect that these elements will be corroded quickly.


6. Do you need a grate in the furnace?
- Honestly, it's a mockery, not a necessary device.

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